How to Redesign Your Mobile App; Reduce the Complexity

In today’s era, people are accustomed to being more productive through the use of their mobile apps, classifying them as the collective. Go for everything necessary, organize, optimize and enjoy daily life. With this Mobile, Industry has seen a lot of transformations and yet to witness more in 2020.

The number of smartphone users worldwide is booming. With this huge popularity comes huge competition; and to set you apart from the competition continuous monitoring of your existing mobile app is a compulsion. From examining the user interface to adding new features, the application must work with the trend. Undoubtedly this industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors.

Redesigning your app is one of the most powerful steps you can do for your business app or company website. Software solutions that were once thought of as state-of-the-art have become introduced with the development of new technology. Nobody likes to use the old version of the app that has fewer functionalities and if a mobile application is still running on old user interface design practices, then be prepared for some difficulties from your user end as their expectation is constantly evolving.

Creative designers are constantly working on bringing ease to get more engagement from users with the app. And if an existing design is not working the way you expected, then it is time to redesigning your mobile app. A mobile app redesign is not an easy undergoing process. You need to figure out multiple aspects like ongoing market trends in app design, a clear idea of the app’s layout, and functionality. The entire process can turn out to be messy if you do not take the help of a proficient mobile app redesign company. You must find a way to maintain your app’s unique value proposition while incorporating a brand new design. Now, the next question will be When to go for an app redesign? — If you are a business owner, you have asked this question at least once. But don’t worry in this blog post, we will make this easier by explaining the when and how of redesigning your mobile app.

If it’s difficult for users to get a sense of what your business does, you’re going to miss an opportunity to make an explosive impression and possibly lose future opportunities.

Here is a checklist of questions which you should consider–

  • Is your site/app fully responsive?

When do you need to redesign your app?

When you get new data, it happens as you find out more about your audience after launch, you are likely to make changes to your app. Gradually, many changes complicated the look, when you need to revamp the design. You have to be sure about the reasons why you need to redesign your mobile app as it is both time and money consuming.

How to reduce complexity:

Was the Market trends changed since your app was released?

Your mobile app is missing the trending features and also not 100% optimized as per user behavior then it needs a redesign. Also, if your app takes more time to navigate from one option to another, you have to check the complexity of using the app.

If you see the users are struggling to interface with the app functionality and till how long it will work. Behind the retention rate, there must be a problem with the desired features that are not achieved from the user’s end.

Depending upon the features, and components of your mobile app, take the feedback and if from your users. This helps to come up with a reshaping of the app, upgrade of the app, and design offering rich customer experience.

Some reasons for a redesign that may include:

  • The design has a large number of known UX issues that cannot be easily addressed (as determined by usability analysis)

How to properly redesign your existing mobile app?

Taking your redesign to the next level requires you to follow some precise steps.

  1. Study the analytics of the new version of your app that helps to set clear goals both for conversion and micro-conversions. With the help of Google Analytics or other analytics tools, you need to keep track of active users on your app, bounce rate, or even activation rate.

Will redesigning help?

Yes, redesigning your mobile app is undoubtedly a great solution if is not performing as expected. Revamping or updating the app offers the chance to include new technologies to surprise the users and boost engagement. Besides, your app helping to solve the existing challenges, it must follow the market trends to always remain ahead of the competition.


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